10 Mistakes of Email Marketing

If you are going to use email marketing as part of your website campaign it is important to follow proper procedures. There are definitely some mistakes that are made by website owners. It comes from the Internet, which is filled with many myths as well as seminar speakers who try to sell a product for a sure way to market. The truth is if anyone had the exact right answer to marketing they wouldn’t be sharing it, they would use it to get rich. Here are 10 common mistakes to avoid:

Spamming: you never have to spam a person to get their attention. Your readers want informative content not something that is not readable and sent repeatedly. Sending once is enough and keeping it sent by you not third parties is important.

Sincere Message: this is also related to spamming, but in a different way. This is a sincere message to get the reader’s attention. It is usually to sell a service such as trying to sell an affiliate marketing program. They are telling you they looked at your site and can help in most cases they have not looked at it at all.

Not Sending on the Right Day: do you know when your readers are going to be home? You need to understand your target audience before you can reach them. If you send an email on the wrong day they may never see it or delete it as too old. This also applies to sending out information, which is past its date.

Neglecting to Identify: it is imperative you remind the reader that they signed up for communications with you and that is how the email is sent. It also needs to keep the opt-out option at the bottom to make it clear if it was an error you are ready to rescind further emails.

Failed CTA: you always need to have a call to action. It doesn’t have to be spammy, but it should be obvious and a clear redirect to your website. Never forget to put your website only once in the email.

Website Link: you need your website in the email once. Anymore than once is a clear error as it indicates you are trying to oversell things. Rather you want to focus on reminding them of who you are and where you can be found while offering important details in the email.

Changing Minds: readers can change their minds. Perhaps they find they are no longer interested in your services or only needed them once. You have to have a clear unsubscribe button and make sure you follow through within two weeks.

Attachments: never send an attachment. This is not helpful, it looks like hackers trying to access their computer, and it will send you to the spam folder extremely fast. Instead, if there is a video make sure it will play in the email. If you have a picture make it appear in the email. If they want the download let it be found on your site.

Mailing too Often: again this is related to spamming but it makes sense to mention it again. You never want to send out too many emails. Send out one that has important points. You might only send one every month, or you might have enough for each week. But make sure it is worthwhile.

Never Purchase a List: you might like the idea of purchasing a list so you get email contacts right away. Unfortunately this can be very bad for you. It is not about opting in for anyone. It is also considered bad business to buy lists.

As long as you avoid these mistakes for email marketing your campaign will be successful. Use common sense. Think about what you like to receive in emails and what you don’t, as this will help you think of the right campaign to create.

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