Interesting People: Can You Get an Interview and Draft an Email Notice

YouTube is the King of viral videos. Everyone who produces a video hopes it will go viral, but few actually do. Many focus on quality content, with marketing means such as ad creation to get their video, playlist, and YouTube channel seen. This is mentioned because one of the main focuses of videos is the interview from an expert. Interesting people are chosen by video developers to talk about a part of their business industry as it relates to the company hosting the video. You could take this a step further or even forget about a video if you do not feel comfortable with producing one of quality.

Rather focus on how interesting people could help you draft an email campaign to remind your customers of who you are, what you do, what you sell, and your company has value.

Statistics clearly show that most individuals sign up for any app, email, or website and forget about. Since they have to give you an email to register this is one way you build your communication list.

If you have a list, you need to find new ways to tap into your customers. What is going to keep you on their list of readable emails? What is going to get you sent to the trash or worse spam folder?

Email is still the top communication option for important messages with content. You need to use it to your advantage and here are some tips on how.

Crafting an Email

The first step is to find the right person to interview. This is not as hard as it might seem. In fact you might have someone on your social media account through LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. This person has already been a part of your business scene. Perhaps it was an interesting comment from an expert or a consumer.

Whoever you can find that already knows about you will have an interesting story to tell particularly if they have expert knowledge about your field or something relating to it.

If you cannot find someone this way then give a shout out to forums, social media, and other websites. Make a simple post that clearly states you are looking for a person to interview for your customers. There is always a symbiotic relationship to offer in this instance. The interviewee will get something from it like a plug for their business, website, or their services.

Vet the person before you use them; do a thorough online background check. There are plenty of ways to make this happen.

Draft up some questions that will open the conversation and then questions that get to the meet of your interview. Once you have conducted the interview via video or for an article choose what is most important to the reader/viewer.

Your email will need to have the person’s name in the subject, your business name, and power words like "limited time access to this interview."

The email needs to have some snippets from the interview. Choose the most tantalizing parts that you can come up with and share them. Make the reader want to follow the link to the full interview write up on your page.

One way to create the email is to put the interview into a newsletter. Announce the interview is coming up, send the snippets from it, and remind your customers of the interview. It is a three step process, but one that will help you gain consumers.

Remember many people use the Internet to buy products, but more use it for information. They are looking for DIY ways to create the products they want to buy. So if you can provide information you will become invaluable. This is just one way to use interesting people to help promote your business. Consider if it is a way that will work for you.

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