Selling Apps Technology through Emails

Are you an app developer? You probably have an email marketing plan and if you do not you should. You are not going to develop one app version and never improve it right? You want the people downloading your technology to take you seriously and see improvements as soon as you make them. You are also going to look at reviews and consider what you might be able to do to fix issues reviewers have mentioned. While it would also be nice to retire after your first app, it does not happen to the majority of app developers. Instead, many start off with a free app, with in app purchases and eventually make more than 20 apps. There are many just getting by with their apps rather than turning into a millionaire as only a few apps have truly managed for developers. Even Apple did not stop with the first computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and software systems, so you will not stop either.

Emails and Apps

If you do not have an email marketing plan you are losing customers. You are also losing money. By gaining email addresses from your app users you can increase your customer base and maintain those you already have.

Three Reasons to use Email

You have the technology to create an app. You have email, which is never going away because it is too useful to everyone in the world. While the world is starting to get other means of quick communication there are issues with sending certain emails in IM form. IM is for quick messages and a quick file upload/download. If you want to make a point or make a sale you need more space where the entire message is not split up into five posts. Email is still useful and now you can see why at least for one reason.

Now consider users of your app. They may download it once because it is all the rage or they thought it was something they could use, but time and other fun apps have distracted them. Now they use it perhaps once or twice, maybe even for several months and ignore it going forward because something new and shiny caught their attention. They may even delete it after one or two uses.

Email campaigns for your technology can remind them of why they downloaded it. It reminds them that the app is there for one thing. For another it is an avenue for you to get feedback. You can ask the person why they decided your app wasn’t useful and what you can do to make improvements. Then you can listen and make it better.

Apple and Android have both shown about 700,000 apps available to consumers. This is an overwhelming number. There are studies to support the app developer with a marketing campaign is able to stay in the minds of users versus those that leave email out. They avoid the "what is the name of that app I just downloaded" problem.

Lastly you want to keep in touch with loyal fans by offering them something new app users cannot get. You also send out updates and keep in touch to keep the app fresh in the minds of users. This is a strategic move that only works if you use an email campaign.

Your Future Depends on Technology Selling

Your future is going to depend on your technology selling. The only way to keep it fresh and understand your app users is to get feedback. Make it easy for this to happen with a simple registration process. Now granted there are apps that explode in popularity like Talking Tom. Who needs an email when you have an app that continually reminds you the cat needs feeding? Unless you have something that is cute and addictive you need an email campaign for your technology to remind your users of its attributes.

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